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Lucifer Furnaces has been a leading manufacturer of industrial heat treating furnaces and ovens for over 65 years.


2048 Bunnell Rd.
Warrington, PA 18976
(215) 343-0411

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Lucifer Furnaces has been a leading manufacturer of industrial heat treating furnaces and ovens for over 65 years. Originating in Philadelphia, our company has grown tremendously, developing an array of new product lines and expanding to our present location in Warrington, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


As a small, family owned business, Lucifer Furnaces focuses on building quality small to medium size heat treating furnaces, ovens and kilns. Our high performing thermal processing equipment has been shipped worldwide to be used in the metalworking, ceramic and glass manufacturing industries by small tool rooms to large corporations, educational institutions, research laboratories and government agencies.


Innovative in design, Lucifer Furnaces originated an industry favorite, the dual chamber “Space-Saver” furnace combining a hardening chamber above a tempering oven in one complete space-saving unit. Our economical Red Devil Series has been meeting the needs of occasional heat treaters wanting to bring their heat treating in-house for over three decades.


Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. offers a wide selection of furnace lines, chamber sizes and temperature ranges. We are ready and capable of customizing our products to meet your specific requirements.


All Lucifer Furnaces are ruggedly constructed using the highest quality materials to deliver superior performance and dependability. Our products feature compact design, easy installation, energy efficient operation and easy-to-replace heating elements. Most replacement parts are stocked for quick shipment to minimize customer downtime.


Committed to serving our customers, our staff is readily accessible, friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. Call us for a recommendation of the right heat treating furnace and the best solution to your heat treating requirements.


Quality craftsmanship, excellent furnace design and stellar customer service continue to make Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. the number one choice for heat treating equipment.

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Facility Operations

Convection Oven for Stainless Steel

Nov. 20, 2018
Lucifer's convection oven heats quickly with side mounted element holders housing coiled, low watt density resistance wire.
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Process Equipment

Furnace/Oven Combo

Nov. 7, 2018
Model HL82-P24 is a hardening furnace over tempering oven, built as a space saving combination for multipurpose heat treating. The upper hardening chamber heats to 2300°F with...
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Process Equipment

Dual Chamber Furnace

May 11, 2018
Model LI84-M24 heats to 2,200°F and the lower draw chamber to 1,600°F with 23 KW power. The upper chamber hotface consist of low-heat-storage ceramic fiberboard for fast heat-...
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Process Equipment

Metal Stamping Box Furnace

March 21, 2018
Lucifer's box furnace is lined with ceramic fiberboard to eliminate cracking potential.
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Machine Tools & Metalworking

Dual Chamber Furnace Is Ideal for Heat-Treating High Speed Steels

Feb. 8, 2017
HS8 Series heats to 2,450°F in the upper chamber with silicon carbide heating elements mounted across the roof and below the hearth.
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Heating Equipment

Red Devil Box Furnace for Heat Treating Small Loads

July 7, 2016
Designed for batch heat treating small loads of low carbon steel, the Model RD7-KHE24 bench-style box furnace with 7 kw power, heats to 2,200°F with easy-to-replace wire wound...