Metal Stamping Box Furnace

March 21, 2018
Lucifer's box furnace is lined with ceramic fiberboard to eliminate cracking potential.

A general purpose box furnace for the manufacturing of precision metal stampings is Model HL7-M24 has chamber dimensions of 12 x 18 x 24 in. and heats to 2300°F.


Powered at 15 KW, heat is supplied through easy-to-replace coil wired heavy duty heating elements in V grooved radiant  panels on sides, back and door of the furnace. Insulation includes 5 in. of hot faced insulating firebrick with cold faced mineral wool block behind. The roof is lined with ceramic fiberboard to eliminate cracking potential.  A 1-in. thick cast hearth plate protects floor insulation and provides a flat work surface. 


This furnace was customized with an air operated vertical lift door activated via foot treadle enabling the door to raise to any height. Safety features include a microswitch to auto-disengage power to heating elements when door is opened. Temperature is controlled with a Honeywell digital time proportioning temperature controller supplemented with an overtemp controller to guard against high limit excursions. Other special features include 3 timers -a Soak Timer for regular timing functions, an Input Timer for lower temp operation and a 7 Day Timer for auto furnace start up/shutdown. The furnace will be used to heat treat D2 and A2 steel under air atmosphere. This furnace is part of Lucifer’s standard, general purpose, Series 7000 box furnace lines.