KROHNE USA Factory Tour

Dec. 9, 2022

Nearly 50 years ago, KROHNE established its North American presence. Many investments have been made since then to expand operations. And, in 2018, KROHNE’s newest global production site opened in Beverly, MA. This imposing manufacturing and distribution facility is also home to the region's service, customer support, and sales headquarters.

At Beverly, the OPTIMASS Coriolis mass flowmeter line dominates the production floor. Here straight or bent tube sensors von ¼ to 6 inches in diameter are assembled, calibrated, and configured to individual customer specifications. The extensive and traceable calibration process at different flow rates and at different flowing temperatures creates unique performance profiles for each device to insure the instruments will operate to specification no matter what the real-world process conditions may be once installed.

WATERFLUX magmeters are also produced here. These volumetric meters are based on the electromagnetic principle. They can be configured as line powered or as battery-powered instruments for autonomous operation in water distribution network applications. Specialty versions of its magmeter products are made ready for our markets in Beverly. For example, the AGMAG is used on farm machinery to spread liquid fertilizers and other nutrients on large industrial farmlands.

Every instrument is built to order and is subjected to the most stringent quality control in the industry since each customer will depend on it in their process plant operations.