OPX 33 Very Narrow Aisle Electric Forklift

Aug. 25, 2022
Engineered for heavy-duty, high-productivity applications, the OPX 33 Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Forklift operates within a 67 in. (170.2 cm) aisle width.

The heavy-duty OPX 33 3,300 lb. (1496.9 kg) capacity, very narrow aisle forklift offers high-speed lifting and lowering to improve productivity. The large capacity battery provides multiple shift operation. Its centralized control console with fingertip proportional control delivers smooth and accurate operation. A spacious and ergonomic cab with fully-adjustable, high-suspension seat provides optimal operator comfort. Its high-maneuverability and high-reach capabilities make it the ideal choice for your most demanding applications where large-scale, narrow aisle, high-lift height material handling is required.

Learn more about the OPX 33 here.