KOBOLD Oscillation Flow Meter

July 22, 2022
Suitable for dry, wet, damp, and moist gases.

The KOBOLD DOG flow meters for gases utilize a completely unique flow meter technology. They delivers long lasting service, high accuracy, low maintenance, a low pressure drop, and operate accurately at extremely low operating pressures. Compared to other flow meter technologies, they are especially insensitive to dirt, moisture, and aggressive components. The DOG-6 flow meter not only measures dry gases, like the DOG-4, but it offers significant advantages for wet, damp or moist gas measurement. The DOG-6 is the front-runner solution for many applications due to its unique advantages and low pricing in comparison to other flow technologies for similar applications. For biogas, digester gas or fermentation gas, in addition to all the other advantageous features, the sensor is also not compromised by sulfur. The DOG series can be used for almost all gas types including mixed gases, changing gas mixtures, and common gases such as compressed air, propane, hydrogen, nitrogen, and argon.

Learn more about the DOG-6 Oscillation Flow Meter here.