The Shock Absorbing and Dampening Powers of Sorbothane

Feb. 22, 2022
Sorbothane is a polyether-based polyurethane that is formulated for enhanced viscoelastic properties and is highly damped which makes it particularly desirable for difficult applications that operate near or at resonant frequencies.

David Church, President of Sorbothane Inc., tells us a little about the company and its products.

Sorbothane is a viscoelastic urethane material that’s easy to manufacture and mold into many different shapes and forms. It’s used as a shock absorber and a dampener in a range of applications including medical, consumer products, and health care. For instance, Sorbothane is used as a dampening agent in hip and knee pads.

The company has its own engineering department that can offer support and custom designs for specific customer applications.