Manufacturing Human Organs for Clinical Trials

Synthetic windpipes are made by growing a patient's own stem cells on a lab-made scaffold.

A company in Boston, Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, is manufacturing synthetic trachea systems in Russia, to supply clinical trials.

The synthetic windpipes are made by growing a patient’s own stem cells on a lab-made scaffold.

An MIT report notes that the four most recent artificial trachea surgeries have been done with these lab-made scaffolds. Plans for similar tests in the EU are scheduled for this year and the company is working with the US FDA for trials in the U.S.

In the future, this technique could be adapted to create other organs, such as a replacement esophagus, heart valve, or kidney.

For more, read “Human Organs Manufacturing Moves From Research Labs to Production Facility” on sister site Industryweek.

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