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The New Frontier: Preparing for the Surge of Wearable Technology in the Workplace

Dec. 17, 2014

Wearable technology is a new frontier that employers and safety professionals must prepare to address.   While the business use of wearable-technology devices such as glasses, barcode readers and high-definition cameras is in the early stages, consumer devices such as fitness watches, Google glasses and Apple watches are being sold or soon will be available to the general public for purchase.

As a consequence, employers can expect more and more employees to sport wearables while at work for non-work-related reasons – something that could affect the safe performance of their jobs.

The potential for improving profitability and productivity likely will ensure the expansion of wearable-technology use in businesses. The current use of wearable technology already has shown that it can provide workers and management with information and data in real time, ensuring that jobs are performed at optimum levels with minimal errors and in compliance with company policies and the law.

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