CitySolar Smart Bin
CitySolar Smart Bin
CitySolar Smart Bin
CitySolar Smart Bin
CitySolar Smart Bin

Fun Innovations Friday: Smart, Solar-Powered Trash Bin Revolutionizes Waste Management

June 2, 2023
Finbin develops a solar-charged trash can that also acts as a compactor to help curb littering and to reduce carbon emissions.

I live in Cleveland, Ohio—a very small city compared to Chicago or New York. Sometimes though, no matter how small the city, trash, smells, and dirty sidewalks are still an issue. Some cities though have figured out how to keep their streets clean.

I remember when I visited Raleigh, North Carolina for my first-ever tradeshow and I was struck by the cleanliness of the city—I dare say it was sparkling with how clean it was. Nothing like when I visited Chicago and my friend joked about how you never get used to the smell, you just live with it.

A clean cityscape is what many large and small cities around the world long for. And while there are more factors to cleanliness than ensuring enough trash receptacles are available throughout the city, it's the first step that needs to be taken.

Finbin is a Finnish company that has engineered a new and innovative trash receptacle to bring that dream closer for all cities. The CitySolar Smart Bin uses a solar-powered compactor that increases waste collection capacity by six times. The bin is connected to the internet and communicates when it needs to be emptied before it reaches capacity.

CitySolar fits a standard 32 or 63-gallon (120 or 240-liter) wheeled trash bin that can be emptied with the container tipping device of a waste truck and can handle waste collection of up to +420 gallons (1,600 liters) at a time. It independently notifies the waste management system about its fill level and also includes an API interface that makes it possible to integrate the device into the customer’s waste management system.

Finbin states that its patented measuring system offers one of the most accurate fill-level information on the market. 

The solar panels are designed to be replaceable—able to be swiftly changed in under 10 minutes, minimizing costs from vandalism, and extending the product’s lifespan. Additionally, customers can opt for an anti-graffiti coating. An ashtray and bottle rack are also optional accessories that the company plans on unveiling later this summer.

The trash receptacle is able to be customized with brand logos and colors for a stylish flair and is durable due to its use of stainless, galvanized steel and aluminum. The unique compression system significantly decreases both the operating costs and the carbon footprint for cities. The Smart Bin promotes efficient waste collection routes, leading to fewer collection trips and up to 90% reduced CO2 emissions from transportation. Additionally, 95% of the materials used in CitySolar Smart Bins are recyclable.

Finbin originally started in 1945 as a metal shop that was making outdoor furniture for cities and over time turned to using new technology to help the environment. Over the years, Finbin has become a leading supplier of waste containers in Finland, and has expanded its operations to over 30 countries worldwide. In addition to waste bins, the company offers a range of products, such as recycling stations, bike racks, and bus shelters, that are designed to promote clean and sustainable urban environments.

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