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Jonard Tools is Searching for the Next Great Tool Invention

April 11, 2022
Your creative idea can become the next new Jonard tool!

Jonard Tools is always looking for creative minds to help drive innovation which is why it's launching the Jonard Tools Inventors Lab—an exciting initiative to encourage technicians, customers or any creative individuals to partner with the company to develop their tool or product idea.

For more than 60 years, Jonard Tools has worked closely with customers, distributors, and designers to develop unique tools. In fact, several of Jonard’s award-winning and popular products were developed by customers-turned-inventors looking to solve an issue.

These are just two examples of how individuals turned into inventors, by finding a solution to a need.

One such inventor is Tina Tomblin who invented the Speed Wrench (ASW Line).

The idea for the Speed Wrench was realized while she was doing demonstrations of an air shrink tubing product on a CATV drop tap.

Tina found herself having to take the drop fitting on and off the tap during every demo. She thought there must be a better way to do this.

“Traditional wrenches had to be removed from the fitting and reinserted after every turn to tighten or remove the fitting,” said Tomblin.

“I spoke to numerous installation techs about the wrench idea to see if they had a trick or a tool that made this little job easier, no one knew of anything.”

During a chat with Jonard Tools Sales Director for North America, Wayne Bunce, she mentioned this challenge she was facing. He asked her to draw a picture of what she thought would be a good solution and sent it to Jonard Engineer, Ed Scirbona, who eventually worked to get the product made.

Another notable Jonard Tools inventor is William E. Bunce, who more than a decade ago, created the Electrical Panel Knockout Kit (WBK-100).

Bunce, a 60-year veteran in the electrical construction industry—and father to Jonard’s Wayne Bunce—began working on the electrical panel knockout kit because he recognized the need to speed up the process of installing new connectors and wires with minimal damage to the drywall around existing panels.

“My first design worked primarily on panels with lip, however, with the growing demand and the ever-growing change in the industry, the tool has evolved to work for all types of metal boxes and panels,” said William Bunce.

“We value customers’ input on tool suggestions and ideas,” said Wayne Bunce.

“Our Jonard Engineers collaborate closely with our partners to come up with innovative solutions to solve their tool needs. These collaborations lead to partnerships that grow over time and result in industry-changing technology.”

Do you have a great tool idea? Get in touch with Jonard Tools at the Inventors Lab.