NED Innovation Awards

Announcing the NED Innovation Awards!

Celebrating the most disruptive product innovations of the year.

Normally, I like to save my editorial space for my usual meandering theories on manufacturing. But this month, I’m excited to reveal some big news for NED.

It is my pleasure to announce a new award program from New Equipment Digest: The NED Innovation Awards.

Every issue of New Equipment Digest, we scour our resources and contacts to bring you the latest and greatest pieces of industrial equipment on the market.

Most of these finds are exactly that: fantastic new machines, software systems, or tools designed to make your work a little easier.

Generally, these innovations add to the suppliers’ long lineups of other fantastic devices that have been steadily improving, upgrading, and redesigning for years to fit your changing needs.

But some of these products fall into a different category as well.

A few times a year, a company is able to break out of the box, to push their designs and their equipment beyond the scope of anything before it.

The aim of these products is to fundamentally change the nature of the tool. They go beyond the known to tackle new functionality and new power, the likes of which the market has never seen before.

These products open the door for innovation across the sector; they unlock new productivity and serve their users differently than any other device before it.

This, in any industry, is a rare offering, and one that requires a tremendous amount of resources, R&D, and top-to-bottom company backing to bring to market.

Innovation is as much an act of inspiration as it is bravery. Making an existing piece of equipment better is a safe and profitable bet. Doing something different is a gamble.

So we at New Equipment Digest have decided to launch an award program designed to celebrate those efforts.

And just like anything we do, we want you to be involved.

The NED editors have again scoured our own pages to find what we believe are 20 of the most innovative products. These entries run the gamut of industrial equipment—everything from hand tools to software.

The only related factor is that they somehow change the status quo of their industry.

We’re asking all of our readers to log on to and cast your vote for your choice of the most innovative products of the year.

This is not a ranking of the best products. It’s not a ranking of the best in any particular industry. It’s your choice of what you see as the most disruptive products we have offered you this year.

Once the votes are tallied, we will announce the winners at the 2016 M&T Conference & Expo in Rosemont, IL (May 3-5)—an expo that will be chock full of innovation, ideas, and new products.

Two lucky voters in the NED Innovation Awards will receive one-day expo passes for the event, so you can see the winning products in action.

Good luck to the finalists!


Artec 3D: Space Spider

Bedrock Automation: Bedrock

Cimcorp: 3D Shuttle System

Clearpath: Robotics, Inc: OTTO

Comau: Racer3

Crown Equipment: QuickPick Remote


Epson: Smartglasses

Ergodyne: Work Wear 6490

Fluke: TiX560

Glide-Line: IMPACT

Keyence: FD-Q Flow Sensor

Lincoln Electric: VRTEX ENGAGE

Miller: Weld-Mask


Rethink Robotics: Sawyer

Schneider Electric: Tricon CX

Siemens: Machine Tool Systems

Tesla: Powerwall

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