Non-Contact Measurement with Displacement Measuring Sensors for Quality Inspection

Nov. 26, 2019
Optical sensors enable more precise non-contact measurement to increase productivity and avoid damaging objects in any way.

To ensure consistent quality is achieved when manufacturing many different devices or components, the results of the production process need to be checked regularly by taking measurements. These checks are performed in various ways: either outside of the ongoing process, by regularly removing individual devices and checking them using appropriate mechanical or optical measuring instruments; or via measuring stations integrated into the process, which are equipped with mechanical sampling systems or other non-destructive measuring instruments. Optical measurement sensors are ideal here. Their ability to measure precisely, quickly and without contact, plus the option to integrate the results of these measurements into the production process directly, leads to increased productivity. This results in faster production processes at a consistently high quality, without the need to make mechanical contact with the object or damage it in any way. Optical sensors provide extremely accurate results even when measuring very small objects.

Download this white paper to learn the different ways displacement measuring sensors can improve quality inspection.