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The Challenges Surrounding Switching for Automated Test Systems

Nov. 14, 2019
Too often switching is the last portion of their test integration strategy, and experience has shown there can be problems down the road if switching is not considered in the early phases of test system design.

Automated test systems rely on the performance, quality, and configuration of the signal switching that they are based on, yet the most significant challenge when considering switching for automated test systems may not be technical at all.

This whitepaper will discuss the challenges and questions you should ask yourself surrounding switching for automated test systems such as:

  • What is a the importance of high-quality switching?
  • What are the differences between reed relays, electromechanical relays, and solid-state relays?
  • What types of switching configurations are available?
  • Which cables, connectors and mass interconnect products should be included with my switch module?

The switching system is intrinsic to the success of the test process, so it’s important to understand the possibilities and limitations. However dull switching may seem, there are very many challenges to be considered, but the information is all here to help you.

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