3D Systems, Inc.

A Digital Alternative to Injection Molding

Oct. 15, 2019
Accelerate manufacturing with tool-less direct digital production of plastic parts

Discover A Digital Alternative to Injection Molding. Download the direct digital production white paper to enrich your understanding of 3D Systems’ Figure 4 technology: where it was developed, how it works, and why it is advantageous to businesses across industries and applications.

  • The evolution of direct digital production
  • 3D Systems Figure 4 technology
  • Benefits for manufacturers
  • Business drivers for Figure 4
  • Perspectives from an industry expert

Learn how direct digital production with 3D Systems Figure 4 technology can introduce production agility, facilitate on-the-fly iterations of part designs, and change your manufacturing equation to achieve high quality, high-value parts quickly and economically.

Get the white paper here

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