Building a Better Magnet in America

Oct. 11, 2019
Advanced Magnet Lab is reinventing magnets for transforming electrical machines

Advanced Magnet Lab, Inc. (AML), a recognized leader in the development of technologies and solutions for electrical machines and other magnet-based applications, is unveiling its vision for the transformation of multiple industries that depend on rare earth materials, permanent magnets, and high performance electrical machines through its white paper authored by CEO Mark Senti.

Download White Paper: Building a Better Magnet in America

Mining to Magnets for End-Users

As articulated in the report, magnets are at the heart of electrically powered machines. As the world evolves away from purely fossil-fuel-powered engines, vehicles, and machines, toward electric and hybrid-powered machines, the need for better, more efficient, more powerful, lighter weight magnets and magnet-powered motors will take priority in industries from transportation to wind energy to robotics and more. The demand for this type of magnet made of Rare Earth Elements (Rare Earths) will grow exponentially.

Today, Permanent magnets represent close to 25% of Rare Earths worldwide use.

Currently, the only practical supply of Rare Earths and permanent magnets manufactured from Rare Earths is through China. This is not a sustainable solution from a country with a history of market manipulation and control and an economically adversarial relationship with the USA that recently triggered a global crisis.

AML has developed a novel solution for the optimized design, manufacture, and performance of permanent magnets that, combined with efforts from numerous Rare Earth mines worldwide and deep tech Rare Earth processing companies will streamline the supply chain problem, to potentially solve this crisis.