17 Mistakes Manufacturers Make That Kill Employee Engagement

July 13, 2018
For decades, efforts to cultivate one of the most important determinants of manufacturing success – employee engagement – have fallen short, creating a toxic engagement gap in the industry. Brent Filson’s Leadership Talk can help close this gap.

That employee engagement decisively contributes to manufacturing success has long been known.

However, many studies show there is a deep and broad lack of employee engagement in our nation’s manufacturing industry. This lack is known as the Engagement Gap. Though manufacturing leaders agree that the Gap urgently needs to be closed, the fact remains that for at least two decades, it has remained relatively constant and by some measurements has even widened.

The reasons for the Gap’s persistence involve fundamental mistakes manufacturing leaders make in understanding engagement, cultivating it, and sustaining it. Of course, not all manufacturing organizations make the 17 mistakes described in this Special Report. Most, however, make at least a few of them.

Because Brent Filson’s Leadership Talk systems target critical working relationships, they can rectify those mistakes and achieve extensive advances in engagement that produce across-the-board payoffs. Detailed in Brent’s six books and five leadership guides, providing a conceptual framework and a comprehensive system of results-producing processes, the Leadership Talk Systems have worked for 34 years with leaders of all ranks and functions in a variety of industries worldwide.

Organizations that don’t employ Leadership Talks – or similar methodologies which result in emotionally-rich, more productive relationships – will continue to stumble trying to close the Engagement Gap.

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