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The Basics of the Electric Linear Actuator

Feb. 22, 2017
What is an electric linear actuator?

There are many components and options to an actuator. TiMOTION is a vertically integrated company, meaning that we are able to customize, design, and manufacture all of these components in house for a customer depending on their application needs. We manufacture both the motors and components, including the spindle and drive nut, and test all of our motors before use, unlike many of our competitors. Plastic injection molding and PC board manufacturing is done in-house to ensure high product quality and durability, and building our own PC boards allows us to optimize the level of software and various movements needed within an application.  A primary example of this is combining multiple actuators with position feedback to create synchronized movement.  As a result of being vertically integrated, TiMOTION is proud to offer a five-year mechanical warranty and a two-year electrical warrant

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