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The Economic Benefits of Portable Sump Cleaners

Dec. 19, 2022
Lower labor costs, eliminate machine downtime, and maximize coolant life.

This white paper, written by Eriez Technical Sales Representative Clay O’Dana, explains that powerful portable sump cleaners generate up to 110 gallons per minute of suction to eliminate sludge and chips. According to Eriez data, a sump cleaner will thoroughly clean a CNC machine tool sump with 50 gallons of coolant and 20 pounds of sludge in 10 to 15 minutes, including time to rinse out hard-to-reach areas and stubborn sludge buildup. Filtered coolant is then returned to the sump for reuse.  

According to the white paper, portable sump cleaners deliver a quick return on investment (ROI) by reducing labor and cutting fluid requirements, increasing and optimizing machine uptime and performance, and extending coolant life. 

Eriez reports that a northeast-based manufacturer utilizing Eriez portable sump cleaners is successfully decreasing machine sump cleaning times in its plant by 75% and cutting oil costs in half when compared to their previous approach. With savings of $70,000 annually in cutting fluid alone, the company’s total payback from sump cleaning is over $150,000 a year when labor savings and reduced downtime are considered.