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Heavy Equipment Durability and Structural Integrity

Nov. 14, 2022
Combining CAE simulation and testing solutions for high-quality product engineering.

Heavy equipment manufacturers have one overriding priority: to get new machines to market faster and at a lower cost. Heavy equipment, or off-highway vehicles—a wide-ranging niche covering mining, agriculture, construction, and materials handling—are arguably the most demanding type of vehicles to design from the perspectives of structural integrity and durability. That's because such machines are used in the most demanding environments.

An integrated simulation and testing approach is the way forward.

This white paper describes how Simcenter 3D software—the comprehensive, fully-integrated computer-aided engineering (CAE) solution for 3D simulation and Simcenter testing solutions, the complete and integrated real-world data gathering and testing package—can help off-highway vehicle design engineers achieve the best possible outcomes.

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