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Embedded Security Revolution: Tackling the Challenges of New Tech

Nov. 11, 2022
Explore many of the major technology changes and how Rambus' security offerings help in tackling the new embedded security challenges of device and silicon manufacturers.

The growth of computing, graphics & neural processing power, communication channels & bandwidth, as well as storage capacity, has enabled the industry to work on marvelous solutions in many segments that were previously impossible.

Autonomous driving, machine learning, edge AI inference, ubiquitous 5G networks, handhelds & wearables, heterogeneous computing,  and blockchains are but a few of the examples of science fiction that have become mainstream technology.

The advent of these new technologies in our always-connected world gives rise to the increased potential for attack since the value of assets and data that these systems handle is enormous. The increased tempo of data privacy legislation and the looming commercialization of quantum computing further raise the stakes.

This confluence of developments screams for new best-in-class privacy and security architectures and solutions that the security industry is keen to provide.

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