Here’s How To Know if Your LED Lights Are Compliant (.PDF)

May 10, 2022

Manufacturers and users of LED lighting applications need to be assured that their products will be qualified according to a multitude of reliability and efficiency standards.

In addition to voluntary initiatives and programs like EnergyStar, mandatory standards and specifications for the lighting industry must be kept in mind during project development, including the latest IES LM-79-19 and the ANSI C82.16 documents.

This article gives an overview of relevant lighting standards and specifications for LED lighting products. It also describes the features of Vitrek’s test equipment, including the PA900 power analyzer—featuring built-in lighting specifications—as well as Vitrek’s electronic DC loads and hipot testers.

These portable testing devices, with their selectable touchscreens and other user-friendly features, allow engineers and technicians to easily confirm that their LED lighting products meet the necessary parameters for performance, energy efficiency, verification, and safety—before the products are sent to testing facilities.

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