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EM Simulation Analysis of Complex Beam Steering Antenna Arrays

April 25, 2022
Learn about XFdtd's unique features for rapidly characterizing the performance of antenna arrays for beamforming and beam steering, simplifying the analysis of device performance, and speeding validation of array coverage.

Multiple arrays on a single device are used for spatial diversity to provide coverage over a wider range of angles than a single array could produce. A possible use case for this would be a mobile telephone for 5G with multiple arrays located around the edges of the phone.

When used in combination, the arrays can provide coverage in multiple directions, which is best demonstrated with the CDF of EIRP calculation. Coverage improves to about 90% when two arrays in one of the corners are used in combination, and full coverage results when arrays on opposite sides of the phone are used together.

Click the download button below to read about how Remcom's XFdtd software is able to analyze complex beam-steering antenna arrays.

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