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6 Ways to Attack Metal Contamination

Jan. 5, 2021
This guide to metal contamination helps manufacturers improve product purity and avoid recalls.

Eriez announces the release of a white paper, “Six Ways to Attack Metal Contamination to Improve Product Purity and Avoid Recalls,” written by Eriez Light Industries Market Manager Eric Confer. The paper covers best practices processing plants should implement to achieve the highest product purity and avoid costly tramp metal damage through the use of metal detection and magnetic separation equipment.

The white paper outlines six distinct ways for processors to attain optimum product purity. Key insight is offered on choosing the proper magnetic separation equipment, monitoring product purity from receiving to shipping, utilizing metal detectors to enhance product safety, employing remote monitoring, effectively keeping records, and undergoing safety training. Confer says Eriez’s metal detection and magnetic separation equipment is used to meet strict safety standards in food, packaging, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Confer says, “We published this white paper to stress the importance of a proactive and comprehensive approach to product safety.” He adds, “Diligent companies can use these tips to avoid recalls and damaged reputations by following best practices and using high-powered rare earth magnetic separators, metal detectors, and smart manufacturing techniques.”