Johannes Plenio | Unsplash

Industry Secrets to PCB Thermal Management

March 30, 2020
Allowing a board's temperature to fluctuate excessively can be detrimental to a PCB's lifespan. This eBook covers everything from the basics of thermodynamics to advanced design considerations for PCBs.

If you allow the temperature of your board to fluctuate excessively, or rise to extremes, you can drastically reduce the lifespan of your design. This eBook will take a look at thermodynamic principles to keep in mind when designing your next printed circuit board. Consisting of four chapters, this eBook provides in-depth knowledge on thermodynamics, exactly how heat damages your PCB, where the heat comes from, where it goes, and the most important thermal design factors to consider.

This first chapter provides a quick review of thermodynamic terms. The second chapter discusses thermal failure mechanisms and basic design considerations. The third chapter discusses heat sources and heat sinks in board design. The fourth and final chapter will discuss heat mitigation tips and techniques.

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