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Reducing Power Consumption in Commercial Processors

Jan. 10, 2020
In this Technical Brief, Teledyne e2v describes how customers can reduce power consumption in microprocessors.

System designers using commercial processors often wish to embed more processing capabilities in their application, while their authorized power budget may be limited by the project requirements & specifications.

This paper starts by detailing some of the constraints given to system designers in terms of power consumption in commercial processors used in Aerospace & Defense (including, but not limited to Safety-Critical Systems), then it dives into the different contributions of the total power consumption of a device.

Finally, it explains in detail where Teledyne e2v is helping customers to reduce the power consumption on Microprocessors. Teledyne e2v illustrates the theory with a case study on how it was able to reduce, on an Aerospace system, the power consumption by 46% on an NXP T1042 Quad Core Power Architecture Microprocessor at 125ºC and in worst-case conditions.

Download the white paper here: Teledyne e2v Helps Reduce Power Consumption in Commercial Processors