Top 9 IT Devices That Need The Most Cyber Protection

July 6, 2022
Are your devices properly protected? Check out this list and find out the different types of devices along with solutions to help implement cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is still thought of in silos—that is the conclusion of a study by IoT security specialist ONEKEY.

"In many cases, companies and entrepreneurs still think in classic silos when it comes to IT security. In doing so, the directly grown risk of many different firmware versions in IoT systems is often overlooked," warns Jan Wendenburg, CEO of ONEKEY.

Areas of highest risk include IoT devices and facilities in health (47%), devices in critical infrastructure (%), and devices in manufacturing (39%). More than 300 senior-level company representatives were surveyed for the "IoT Security Report 2022."

The particular risk in the IoT sector is that every device and every system has its own firmware—in other words, software that controls the device or facility itself. Since hardly any guidelines or binding specifications exist in this area, many manufacturers have put little emphasis on seamless security against attacks so far.

We've compiled a list of the nine top IT systems that require the most protection from attackers along with solutions to implement in your facility.

All results of the study "IoT Security Report 2022" can as of now be downloaded online at