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Double-Sided Benchtop Spinner Rack Solves Table Space Problems

Akro-Mils launches a new double-sided benchtop spinner rack to solve table space issues

We interviewed Scott Wiley, industrial production line manager for Akro-Mils on their new double-sided benchtop spinner rack.

BK: Why did Akro-Mils decide to market this particular rack?

: Akro-Mils’ Double-Sided Benchtop Spinner Rack allows for additional storage where space is at a premium. Using the Spinner Rack leaves the majority of the table space for the job at hand.

BK: How is this rack different from similar products?

This rack combines the convenience and strength of a louvered panel with the utility of a compact tabletop storage application. As opposed to a bench rack, this unit can easily be moved if needed.

BK: What problems did you encounter during the development process?

There were no real issues or concerns. This type of louvered rack product is a category we produce daily and are proficient in. We worked to keep the overall cost down to make this an affordable solution for our customers

BK: How long did it take from conception to final production?

Product from ideation to commercialization took about three months, including prototyping, and evaluation and testing.

BK: Did cost factors play a role in changing the final design of this product?

SW: No changes were made in design due to costing—materials and components used were considered in up-front design and creation.

BK: Who do you consider your target audience to be and what benefits will they realize from using this product?

SW: The target audience includes organizations seeking storage solutions in industrial and medical settings, retail, general maintenance and tool cribs, and storerooms. This product is ideal for 5S Lean initiatives.

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