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New Economical Safety Rail Withstands Forklift Impacts

Sept. 17, 2014
Cubic Designs -- New, Economical Safety Rail Withstands Forklift Impact

Dave Bartels, Related Structures & Safety Group manager is a big believer in forklift safety and economy.  "Our number one goal from the start was to provide an extremely durable, safe, and dependable guard rail product to the market at a price lower than what we were already providing."

"The improved Safety Rail design incorporates a better balance of energy dissipating crash zones throughout the entire system, yet it's priced approximately 20% less than our original design,"

BK: How is this product different from similar guard rails on the market today?

DB: In all the testing we did, the newly designed Safety Rail withstood the impact of a forklift to industry standards. A national engineering, consulting, and testing firm
was brought in to observe and certify the results of our testing procedures, and, in all cases, Cubic Designs’ Safety Rail never failed when impacted by a 10,000-lb forklift moving at 4 mph. In every test, the forklift was stopped. Plus, with our quick connect hanger design, Safety Rail provides removable rail panels for easy access to what is being protected.

BK: What problems did you encounter during the development process?

DB: While no serious problems were encountered during the developmental process, it was a challenge to ensure that we designed the best possible product at the best possible price. We were successful in finding the right balance of ensuring the energy created from an in-plant vehicle was safely distributed through the Safety Rail components; from the rail panels to the posts, baseplate and anchors, and our unique removable rail hanger connection. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results we were able to achieve.

BK: How long did it take from conception to final production?

DB: Due to the capabilities of our fabrication facility, we were able to keep the developmental time to the bare minimum. Combine this with already having two guard rail products (Safety Rail and Barrier Rail) at our disposal, we were very happy to keep our R&D time as low as possible. Having the ability to test different designs, ideas, steel thicknesses, and configurations allowed us to reach our goals in approximately three months, start to finish.

BK: Did cost factors play a role in changing the final design of this product?

DB: Our number one goal from the start was to provide an extremely durable, safe, and dependable guard rail product to the market at a price lower than what we were already providing. We are more than excited to have been able to meet that goal and offer Safety Rail at about 20% less than our previous design.

BK: Who do you consider your target audience to be and what benefits will they realize from using this product?

DB: Safety Designs’ Safety Rail is for anyone who wants or needs to protect conveyors, shelving units, pallet racks, loading docks, machinery, building walls, personnel, and anything else inside of a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or other commercial or industrial building. Safety Rail is the safe and economical solution to protect your company from costly accidents.

BK: Any other interesting sidelights that would be of interest to our readers?

DB: Safety Rail is available in 17-in. high single or 43-in. high double rail configurations. Hardware, anchors, and durable powder coat paint finish are included with every purchase. Safety Rail is designed under the direct supervision of our on-staff professional engineers and you can count on Cubic Designs’ experience, with nearly 30 years as a recognized leader in the material handling industry.