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Natural Evolution Leads to Product Development for Bimba Enterprise

Sept. 19, 2014
Bimba -- Providing a high-quality push-to-release fitting was a natural evolution for the complete pneumatic solution.

The fitting market is very competitive, and one way Bimba has been able to differentiate themselves is with their oval release button.  "Typical fittings offer a round release button that can be more difficult to access in hard to reach areas.  The larger surface of the oval button is a design advantage," says Schertzinger.

BK: Did Any particular problems arise during the development process?

JS: We recognized our ability to supply a quality product at a very competitive price was our key to successful market penetration. We feel confident that our attempt to hit the sweet spot (most popular models) with a quality, economical fitting product line will be successful moving forward.

BK: What was the length of time from conception to final production?

JS: We were able to introduce our new composite push-to-connect fitting line in less than one year from conception to market introduction.

BK: Did cost factors affect the final design of the product?

JS: Cost factors were important due to the very price-competitive nature of this product. Fortunately through the excellent work of our procurement team, we were able to introduce a high-quality design at a very competitive price, which is critical to success in this market.

BK: Who do you view as the primary users of these fittings?

JS: Our target audience is comprised of current and future Bimba Enterprise customers who have the need to connect our devices to the air supplies on their equipment. They will benefit from the high quality and low price of our fittings in comparison to others in this crowded market. In addition, our unique oval button design will make it easier for our customers to install and remove the flexible tubing that is commonly used in the plumbing of today’s pneumatic circuits.