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Ergonomics: Starting a Program

Feb. 18, 2015
An effective ergonomics program can prevent a lot of those small and large workplace injuries that can be painful (and debilitating) for employees and expensive for employers.

Strain and sprain injuries are something all employers face. There is an employee who strains her back while working the cash register. There is the new hire that strains his shoulder while lifting a heavy piece of pipe to show that he is a hard worker. There is the older guy that everyone likes who is not really sure how it happened but his wrist is “acting up.”

It is common to hear people both in operations and safety say, “How could that have been prevented?” The answer sometimes is easier than it seems.

Implementing an effective ergonomics program is the answer. Sometimes there will be judgment calls that are opinion-based, and it is a long-term commitment that might not be immediately reflected in your injury rates. To sustain long-term results, you need buy-in from operations leadership for both funding and for establishing a culture where ergonomics is important.

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