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Behind the Scenes: Kett Tools KSV-432 Vacuum Saw

Oct. 29, 2015
Dust isn't in the wind with this electric vacuum saw.
Dust isn’t in the wind with this electric vacuum saw.
After a hard day of cutting wood, steel or fiberglass, you just want escape the job site and relax. First, you have to pick up all the dust and particles strewn everywhere. With the Kett KSV-432 Vacuum Saw, most of the dust go right into the attached vacuum, reducing clean up and keeping workers from inhaling harmful particulates. Alex Rozumovich, Kett’s director of engineering, gives us more info the saw that sucks as it cuts.

What does it do?

It’s an electric powered saw with a 2,500 rpm, 5-amp electric motor that uses a 2.5 inch circular carbide abrasive or 2 to 2 1/5-in. high-speed steel blade. The vacuum attachment lets a user attach to basically any vacuum cleaner. If they use a HEPA filter, it collects most of the dust generated by the cut. You can change the saw head to a shear head, scissor head or small nibbling attachment using one power source. That’s the beauty of it.

What can it cut?

Steel up to 16 gage, 1/8-in. aluminum, and various depth up to 5/8-in. thickness wood or laminate materials, such as Formica and particle board. The 2.5-in. carbide abrasive blades have no teeth, but cut really well through plaster and sheet rock. The saw also works great in tight areas to makes plunge cuts. One big group who uses it is steel door manufacturers. They need to cut little notches and for hinges and latches. The only way to cut the little opening is by using small circular saws.  The KSV is very well equipped for doing this.

How is this different than previous models?
The first vac saw that Kett introduced to the market was in March 1975. It was a rugged, old school, heavy model, awkward to use with a different power source. The weight is now 7 lb, and that one was 11 or 12 lb. It priced itself out of the market. Now we are using a very modern electric drive. The head itself evolved from the way you adjust the depth.

Any major changes in this new model?
Modifications to improve the depth stop to make it easier to adjust the depth stop. Now you can adjust it with an Allen wrench. Make it accessible and to cover the full range. This modification came from customer feedback. We finally listened to customers and said well we need to do something about it.

What are the benefits of using a vacuum saw?
If contractors do remodeling or repairs with pre-1978 buildings, they should know the EPA came out with very strict regulations controlling lead paint dust and particles. Our customer started noticing how our vac saws could help them comply with those regulations. If you use this tool, you can almost not see the dust in the air where you cut it. EPA can fine up to $37,000 a day for construction 500 for this tool is a very good investment. You don’t have to put up dust sheets and curtains.