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Behind the Scenes: A Mobile Computer Built for Real Manufacturing

Sept. 22, 2015
The editors of New Equipment Digest go behind the scenes for a special Q&A session to discuss the development and background of innovative products.

Q: Why did Janam decide to market this product?

A: The XG3 is a result of listening to what our customers need and delivering to those requirements. We packed all of the features that enterprises require in a gun-shaped mobile computer, built it to exacting standards of quality, and priced it so competitively that even the most budget-conscious customers can get their hands on it.

Q: How is this mobile computer different from similar products?

A: The new XG3 rugged mobile computer meets the most demanding enterprise and government requirements at an incredibly attractive price point. With its newly designed body, the XG3 eliminates the weight and bulk associated with competitive devices.

Under 22 oz, it is the lightest industrial mobile computer in its class. It also comes equipped with the largest standard battery capacity in the industry—offering 20% more battery life than what’s available in the market-leading device.

The XG3 also offers high-performance barcode scanning technology. With a choice between Honeywell’s Adaptus imaging technology and Motorola’s SE965 1D laser scan engine, it provides unmatched scanning speed and accuracy for even the hardest to read barcodes.

Q: Who do you consider your target audience to be and what benefits will they realize from using this product?

A: The XG3 is designed for mobile workers in the most challenging, scan-intensive environments, including manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, plant floors, loading docks, seaports, and other demanding workspaces. Early customer feedback indicates that the performance, power, efficiency, and flexibility of the XG3 is contributing to increased levels of productivity, improved operational efficiencies, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Q: What problems did you encounter during the development process?

A: When developing any mobile computing product, the most challenging aspect is locking down a product specification in a world where the underlying technology is evolving so quickly. At some point, the design team needs to make its decision—and then execute.

Eliminating the “fuzzy front end” of product development is more an art than a science. This is what made the XG3 development program so effective. We moved incredibly quickly to confirm key elements of the spec, resulting in a very tight timetable between defining its salient features and bringing it to market.

Janam is also an expert at identifying embryonic mobile computing platforms that need some refinement or improvement to exactly match the needs of our target customers, and the XG3 program was one where the finished product delivers, smallest, lightest, fastest, and best—all at a price point that will excite our customers.

Q: How long did it take from conception to final production?

A: Our product roadmap is continuously evolving based on regular feedback from trusted partners and end-users. Using a unique needs analysis approach, Janam has been able to expedite the design cycle for many of its new products.

The XG3 device is a prime example of how Janam evaluated a large number of customer feature requests and key contributor feedback and transferred them into product requirements and design ideas.

These concepts were then rapidly moved to a group of qualifying “beta platforms,” which were tested and validated by key customers and partners prior to release. Through this refined methodology, Janam has been able to reduce the time to market of leading-edge mobile devices to less than one year.

Q: Did cost factors play a role in changing the final design of this product?

A: Janam has always taken a refreshing approach to meeting customer needs. Unlike our competitors, we don’t force customers to choose between price and performance. Our products are significantly more affordable than competitor devices.

That said, we don’t sacrifice key “speeds and feeds” to keep costs down. Instead, we focus on including the right features—those that are critical to our customers’ business.

You’ll find that the XG3 incorporates all the cutting-edge technology our customers require, including options that traditionally cost more, at an unbeatable price point.

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