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Inergy Leverages CNC Machining to Accelerate Iteration Cycles

June 28, 2022
Being able to see, feel, and test concepts in-house makes a world of difference.

Back in 2021, Bantam Tools connected with Zac Blume, the chief technology officer at Inergy.

Zac was an early adopter of Bantam Tools' Desktop CNC Milling Machine and was one of the first to pre-order when it launched. He’s been using it to prototype circuit boards, PVC cable overmold injection molds, heatsinks, and more.

He purchased the machine to gain more rapid prototyping capabilities in his remote workshop. While chatting with Zac, he told us how Inergy is on a mission to bring power to parts of the world that don’t yet have access to it. We immediately knew that we needed to learn more about Inergy and how Zac and the team are changing the world.

Inergy is a portable solar generator company that makes battery packs, inverters, solar chargers, solar panels, and more. “We focus on ease of use, simplicity, and functionality,” Zac says.

“I think there’s no better way to improve someone’s life than by bringing them useful, sustainable, and affordable energy. Nothing seems to improve third world countries and communities better than the advent of power in their lives.”

Personally, Zac is driven by his passion for technology and how there’s always something new and interesting happening in the space. Being able to innovate and push groundbreaking ideas forward is one of the big reasons Zac was drawn to Inergy. It’s also one reason he uses the Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine and digital fabrication tools like it in his shop.

“I have a dream to be able to create, invent, and prototype almost anything I want at home. I have an ever-growing array of tools, 3D printers, CAD software, and CNC equipment (laser cutter, mill, plasma cutter).”

When he’s not in the office at Inergy, Zac works out of his home workshop. He’s built himself a powerhouse space where he operates all this machinery and equipment.

“Ideas thrive when the time to reality is as short as possible,” Zac explains. He doesn’t want ideas to live in the ether too long and slip away. Zac aims to bring his team’s ideas to life as quickly as possible. Using digital fabrication tools like 3D printers and the Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine makes this possible. He typically machines PCBs and aluminum parts the same day he designs them.

To prototype concepts even quicker, Zac leans on powerful features like the built-in probing routines and 2.5D autoCAM in the Bantam Tools Milling Machine Software.

“Get to know the SVG support,” Zac advises, when we asked him if he had any wisdom to share with other users, “You can do a lot of work with this feature without having to deal with CAM software, and it’s way faster in terms of getting a usable part if you’re working on a 2.5D design.”

Additionally, because he’s doing a ton of PCB work, he also upgraded to the subscription version of our software, so he’s able to directly import Gerber files (a 2D vector image file format that’s an industry standard for conveying information about a PCB) into the Bantam Tools software with ease. It’s just one more way Zac is able to maximize his time.

Being able to see, feel, and test concepts in-house makes a world of difference. Zac and his team are able to be in complete control of the prototyping and production process and circumvent the traditional prototyping route of sending out samples to machine shops or obtaining them from overseas. This enables them to save hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the project they’re working on. They’re empowered to design, modify, and test in-house before sending their designs to an outside shop or vendor.

With these digital fabrication tools at his disposal, Zac is able to save time, money, and strike whenever the creativity iron is hot.