A Superior Approach To SLA Resin Removal Drives Workflow Gains

Jan. 11, 2021
Service bureau Empire Group achieves dramatic time & cost savings with PostProcess Automated Resin Removal Solution.

PostProcess Technologies Inc., the first and only provider of automated and intelligent post-printing solutions for industrial 3D printing, has announced the adoption of its automated resin removal solution by US-based service bureau Empire Group. Empire is renowned for its rapid prototyping and has enabled dramatic improvements in scalability and cost-savings for the company’s stereolithography (SLA) additive operation with the PostProcess solution.

As seasoned users of additive manufacturing, Empire Group has been utilizing 3D printing since 1999. Though Empire has long embraced the accuracy and flexibility of SLA 3D printing, it became clear that as the company grew, the associated manual resin removal process would cause impairing bottlenecks.

To keep their additive workflow moving smoothly, Empire Group implemented the automated PostProcess DEMI resin removal solution with proprietary SLA-formulated detergent.

Upon adopting the software-driven DEMI into their additive workflow, Empire Group experienced time and cost savings across the board. They also effectively eliminated the need for excessive manual labor, as well as harsh and flammable solvents, during the post-printing process.

Company spokesperson at Empire Group Katie Marzocchi said, “We’ve been in the additive realm for quite a while now, and in just a short time, the DEMI has optimized our workflow in the ways that matter most. From improving our bottom line and enabling scalability within our operation to reducing lead times and passing cost-savings on to our customers, the PostProcess solution is essential in helping us deliver high-quality products and service every time.”

Nate Harris, VP of North American Sales at PostProcess Technologies, said, “We are thrilled to add to the growing list of users of our Resin Removal solution who are realizing huge gains from our full-stack technology. The DEMI solution isn’t only ideal for optimizing SLA post-printing but also works with resin technologies like DLP and CLIP. PostProcess is on a mission to keep innovating to bring a digitized approach to post-printing so the market can scale faster.”

Read the full case study here.