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AI Gives Visual Inspection a Boost

Nov. 2, 2020
Landing AI unveils AI visual inspection platform to improve quality and reduce costs for manufacturers worldwide.

Landing AI, a company that empowers customers to harness the business value of AI by providing enablement tools and transformation programs, recently introduced LandingLens, an end-to-end visual inspection platform specifically designed to help manufacturers build, deploy and scale AI-powered visual inspection solutions.

Visual inspection is a widely used method in manufacturing for processes like defect identification and assembly verification. While this has generally been performed by human workers and traditional rule-based machine vision, more and more companies are turning to AI to automate and enhance their visual inspection operations given the accuracy, flexibility, and low cost that the technology brings.

"AI-powered visual inspection solutions have demonstrated clear advantages over conventional methods, yet the overall adoption is slow as many companies get stuck after some small scale proof-of-concept projects," said Andrew Ng, founder and CEO of Landing AI. "LandingLens, developed with the know-how and expertise from building and shipping many visual inspection projects, is best positioned to bridge the gap and enable teams to succeed. With an intuitive interface, Landing AI's visual inspection platform allows even non-AI experts to train and deploy a model with a few clicks, putting the ownership of the solution in the hands of users so they can build and update the solutions without being beholden to a third-party AI team."

According to the 2019 MAPI Foundation report entitled The Manufacturing Evolution, AI adoption in manufacturing has been slow to take off, with just 5% of manufacturers reporting that they have clearly defined AI strategies at work. While working with manufacturing leaders to transform their operations, the team at Landing AI identified the need for a verticalized AI platform.

LandingLens is purpose-built to address a wide array of diverse use cases in manufacturing. Unlike other point solutions, like data labeling or edge deployment, Landing AI's platform provides end-to-end capabilities and includes everything manufacturers need to move from collecting data to getting an AI system up and running in production.

Manufacturing leaders like Bosch see the need for AI-based visual inspection platforms. "AI based visual inspection has seen promising small-scale deployments, but for it to reach its full potential, the manufacturing industry needs better end-to-end tools to manage the entire modeling and deployment process and to help scale. We're excited that Landing AI is building a platform that complements and enhances the efforts of organizations like Bosch who are deeply engaged in AI," said Rahul Kapoor, vice president, Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence.