ICS Intelligent Control Systems
The output from solar panels can be improved significantly by capturing more of sunlight and redirecting it to the solar cells using embedded cavity optics technology developed by ICS. The ICS SEO Film is produced in a highly economical roll-to-roll process.

Optical Solution Set to Enhance Solar Energy Production

July 14, 2020
Developed by Finnish high-tech company ICS, the unique technology platform can raise the energy output from solar panels by up to 10%, bringing solar energy to the front line of sustainable energy solutions on a global scale.

The technology is based on an ultra-thin Solar Energy Optics (SEO) film with embedded optics that enhances the amount of light that is led into the photovoltaic cells. The solution has proven to be more effective than any previously introduced and tested light-capturing methodology.

“Tests performed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems show that our technology can give solar panels a power boost in the range of 5 to 10%, which massively improves the energy output and profitability of any solar power park,” says Kari Rinko, CTO at ICS.

The SEO film is imprinted in a cost-effective roll-to-roll process and is easy to apply[KR1] on photovoltaic panels. “The technology is truly scalable for seamless industrial adoption on a global scale,” Rinko says. “The solar panels will get immediate benefit since more sunlight contributes to a more powerful solar panel.” The increased power output from the solar panels transforms the underlying economics for a solar park for the entire lifetime of the underlying panels.

Next steps

ICS’ priority right now is to launch the initial production of the SEO film and to open commercial doors with leading global industrial parties who are capturing the significant value creation potential of the SEO technology. “Our team is an expert organization with an exceptional track record of working with industry and technology leaders such as Amazon, Apple, Nokia, Ericsson, and many others,” Rinko says. “In the same way, the key to the success of our proven SEO technology will be working with global leaders in the solar industry. Now we are ready to move to the next stage on our exciting journey.”