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2020 Additive Trends Report

June 29, 2020
After analyzing 100+ 3D printing use cases, it’s clear there’s a strong movement towards additive. Read the report to meet the manufacturers capitalizing on 3D printing today, and find out how they are transforming their design and production workflows.

Public perception of additive manufacturing has been skewed for years. Industry monoliths have obsessed over futuristic, vanity applications instead of practical use cases. But they’ve had it wrong. Today, 3D printing solutions are already transforming the way manufacturers work around the world.

In this 2020 Additive Trends Report, Markforged surveyed over a hundred customers across a broad range of industries and analyzed their use cases to get a deeper understanding of how the technology is being used within their organizations. What we learned is astounding.

Manufacturers are already reaping the benefits of high-value, productive applications in additive manufacturing, years before analysts predicted. Their additive journeys have positively impacted the entire product development cycle, resulted in optimized workstreams, and streamlined supply chains. Here are the stories of how these modern manufacturers are reinventing manufacturing today.

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