Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (IMI)
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Industrial Magnetics Develops Germ-Free Door Opener

April 1, 2020
Donates 100% of profits to local food pantries.

In direct response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Industrial Magnetics, Inc.(IMI) has developed a hands-free door opener that allows people to open latch-less doors without using their fingers, arms, or clothing. The company has also announced that 100% of profits from the sales of the new device will be donated to local food pantries in Boyne City, MI, and their surrounding communities.

The Foot-Pull Door Opener is attached to the bottom of a door and allows users to gently pull open doors using the sole of their shoe—eliminating the need to touch potentially contaminated door surfaces and helping to stop the further spread of germs and bacteria.

The company has also devised a way for the Foot-Pull to work on latching, metal doors with lever-style handles by incorporating their "J-Hook" magnetic assembly. The J-hook product attaches magnetically to the door and holds the handle in the open position, converting the door into a "latchless" style that can now be used in conjunction with the foot-pull.  

Perfect for public restrooms, office buildings, and shop floors, the product can be used on metal or wood doors using the magnetic or through-hole mounting options.   Built to last, the product is constructed from heavy-duty, stainless-steel as a one-piece, laser-cut and precision formed unit.

Profits earned from the sale of these items will be donated to the following organizations: Good Neighbors Food Pantry (Boyne City, MI), Care & Share Food Pantry (East Jordan, MI), and Community Food Pantry (Charlevoix, MI).

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