Wearin' IoT Wearable Emergency Platform

Wearin’ is an intelligent IoT platform that generates real-time insights by capturing data from connected sensors and devices. With automatic alerts and a digital platform to visualize key data, Wearin’ helps detect and prevent health and safety risks, improve live coordination, and enable remote guidance.

A selection of sensors and devices are incorporated into gear, vehicles, and surroundings to capture and process critical in-mission data. The algorithms use machine learning to detect immediate hazards and prevent potential risks with automatically generated alerts and predictive actions. Modular IoT hardware, cloud-based software, and a mobile app provide a complete solution that can integrate seamlessly into existing systems. End-to-end encryption protects sensitive information, while high-speed transmission ensures real-time data capture.

The connected platform digitalizes the real-time status of people in the field—their location, environment, and well-being—to detect and prevent crises. Key data is sent to both the user and the decision-makers who need it, while intelligent alerts and 2-way communication facilitate coordination and response.

AI-powered data processing allows for incident detection, such as heat stress and acute stress, man down, and helps prevent future risks.

The configurable sensor ecosystem includes a range of sensors and devices to monitor gas, proximity, falls, biometrics, high voltage, noise, temperature, etc., as well as devices such as GPS, indoor positioners, radios, and cameras.