siemens storage retrieval systems

Siemens' Complete Portfolio for Storage and Retrieval Systems

June 23, 2022
Storage and retrieval systems for higher throughput, safety, and energy efficiency from Siemens.

Flexible and modular solutions for storage and retrieval systems     

Storage and retrieval systems are the central elements in logistics and material handling systems. Therefore, the more flexible, faster, and more precise they are, the higher your competitive advantages can be.

These systems represent a significant potential for cost reduction and reduced time—and they play an important role when it comes to increasing energy efficiency. Protecting and safeguarding people is also a key issue—which, for storage and retrieval machines, is clearly defined in C Standard EN 528.

As a complete provider of components and solutions, Siemens has answers to all of these challenges. Take a look at what they can do for your facility by clicking the download button below.