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How to Address the Demands of Today's Power and Signal Connections

March 15, 2021
This TE Connectivity trend paper explores three applications and trends that design engineers may face.

Smaller, lighter, more portable yet still flexible and rugged. Sound familiar? These are just some of the requirements for today’s engineering needs. Will your design address the needs for intense heat or cold with gold plating? Will it be light enough with a slim profile to suit a range of applications? Will it provide quality along with reliability?

Today’s engineering designs—from consumer electronics to medical equipment to test and measurement applications—often require all of these characteristics with power and signal connections. They require smaller profiles to take up much less space, must be lighter in weight, and often have to withstand varying environmental conditions. And just as important, they have to adapt and be flexible enough to allow your design engineers to continually push the boundaries of design. The right interconnects can make all the difference, allowing you to address tough design specs without compromising on connection reliability.