Top 15 3PLs in the USA for 2022

Sept. 7, 2022
3PLs continue to face challenging issues when it comes to managing a client’s supply chain—switching around the order for this year's ranking of top 3PLs.

Overall, company financials for 2021 were definitely better than 2020 but we're still waiting to see the pace of global recovery as the rest of the year plays out—and experts tell us it will be slowing down quite a bit. 

Not only did COVID throw a huge problem at logistics providers but then Russia invaded Ukraine and then China instituted lockdown measures seemingly creating a long, never-ending hallway of critical issues. Capacity constraints, shipping delays, labor & equipment shortages, port congestion, rising costs, travel restrictions, war, and other disruptive factors are all playing a part.

The most recent list from Armstrong & Associates, Inc. lists the top 50 3PL providers in the U.S. as of April 2022. We've gathered the top 15 of those here. 

You can view the top 50 global 3PL providers on Armstrong's site here.