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Antaira is Offering a Free Beta Version of its Networking Management Software

May 24, 2022
Antaira NMS supports proactive monitoring of connected field devices with real-time visual notifications.

Antaira Technologies, a global developer of industrial networking devices, has launched a web-based network management suite—Antaira NMS—to provide administrators with the ultimate, maximum visibility into large, evolving networks.

Currently, Antaira is offering users to test out a fully operational beta version of the suite for free—just fill out this Google form. An engineer from Antaira will then reach out to you personally to get you started.

Through topology visualization, the fully visible infrastructure dramatically reduces the time, money, and effort normally required to configure and manage industrial networks, according to Antaira.

As an example, Antaira Ethernet devices can be automatically added to the network topology through SNMP—avoiding manual intervention altogether. It also notifies administrators of abnormal device incidents which can then be remotely resolved—even miles away—allowing them to decrease maintenance downtime.

The user-friendly web interface allows users to upload custom device icons, floor plans, choose their preferred map layout, and push firmware updates to Antaira-managed switches.

Additional features of Antaira NMS include:

  • An all-in-one executable file without installation
  • Web-based GUI based on HTML5 without the need for plug-in
  • The hierarchical architecture enables scaling up to 1,024 nodes
  • Automatic network discovery and topology visualization
  • Auto-polling and refreshing for large networking environments
  • Power consumption data from managed PoE devices
  • Device list with logs and topology images
  • Network device planning software on the E-Map and Google Map feature

Contact Antaira today to test out the beta version of Antaira NMS and get full visibility into your networks.