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Guide To Planning and Deploying IIoT Solutions

April 7, 2023
Get a step-by-step guide to define your team goals, assess your current capabilities, and determine what resources are required to put your plan in motion (and get results).

As network, software, and digital technologies continue to invade the physical world of sensors, machines, and manufacturing, leadership in many industrial organizations is rapidly recognizing the significant value created from extracting and leveraging the machine data and usage information from their equipment, systems, and organizations.

The first movers embracing IIoT systems and solutions in manufacturing are on the road to locking down lasting dominant positions in their respective industries as a result of their early moves. Leadership in many manufacturing companies is still observing or pondering how to initiate the transition to the high-stakes world of digital business, and it's this transition, more than the technological shift, that will challenge many organizations.

Re-thinking operations and manufacturing systems to address new connected digital systems opportunities require many changes in the way organizations think and act. These changes come in many areas.

It’s critical that the first step taken is to map out a vision and supporting goals for addressing IIoT solutions, including identifying the parts of the organization that will address IIoT first, developing and articulating a strategy for this transition and understanding clearly how the organization stands to benefit from this transformation.   

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to develop an IIoT vision
  • How to build your IIoT road map and identify the success criteria
  • How to launch a proof of concept and/or pilot project
  • Your infrastructure considerations
  • How to secure IIoT solutions
  • Your key success factors

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