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Would You Bet Your Job on Your HMI Backup Recovery Plan?

July 21, 2022
A holistic view of the potential threats, steps of a recovery process, and how to better safeguard your control systems' HMI.

It's said that a backup system is only as good as the trust you put in it. On the surface, your backup system is good—meaning, the trust level is high as your business success relies on it, right? But would you stake your job on the ability to restore your control room human-machine interface (HMI) within an hour of a major equipment failure or worse, a ransomware attack?

A traditional approach to backing up an automation system is to copy the current configuration, tag names, and graphic files to a safe network location. Vendor tools may even automatically handle this task. But what of the underlying computer operating system? The application itself? Does your backup procedure include these programs too?

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