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Considerations for Servo System Sizing

June 13, 2022
There are many items to consider when sizing a servomotor and servo drive system for a motion control application.

Sizing a servomotor system for a machine requires a basic understanding of the components which collectively integrate to comprise a complete servomotor and drive system. The main focus of most servomotor and drive systems is to perform a desired motion of a load.

Closed-loop control is achieved by the use of a feedback device that provides continuous information between the motor and drive to enable precision control of torque, speed, and position being applied to the mechanical system, which provides motion of the load.

Motor Performance Curves

The most basic requirement for sizing a servomotor is that its motor performance capability must meet or exceed the mechanical power required to move the load for the application. Servo-motor manufacturers publish motor Speed Torque curves to document a motor’s performance capability.

The most important characteristics are:

  • M0 is the torque at zero speed. It is often called the “stall torque” or “static torque” by some industrial manufacturers.
  • The S1(100K) characteristic indicates the limits of the permissible temperature range for continuous operation. This corresponds to a utilization according to thermal Class F (155° C).
  • Mmax is the maximum torque the motor can achieve.
  • Nrated is the motor’s speed rating and is the point at which the motor......

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