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4 Prevailing Industrial IoT Use Cases (.PDF)

Feb. 7, 2022


Industrial IoT is at a transition point. While the number of connected devices continues to grow at a rapid rate, IoT is no longer just about monitoring equipment behavior. Increasingly, the value of IoT comes from collecting machine data and then analyzing and drawing out insights for quick action. Specifically, when IoT is combined with sophisticated analytics to rapidly process the vast amounts of data it receives, new use cases for industrial IoT emerge. This eBook discusses four use cases that you need to pursue for quick, actionable insights.

Use Case 1: Remote Condition Monitoring and Remote Service

If the pandemic taught businesses anything, it’s the value of working remotely. During COVID-19 restrictions, onsite activities were significantly limited with travel bans and most facilities shut. That meant that routine visits to check the status of a machine or to service it was out of the question. Industrial IoT devices that can be accessed remotely offered several advantages during the pandemic. And even when things return to normal, businesses that make use of remotely connected IoT devices will continue to realize benefits. Let’s take a look.

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