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Five Steps to Scanner Success

Nov. 5, 2021
This guide walks you through five key questions to ask yourself to find the right scanner solution for your specific operational needs.

Machine-readable data has come a long way since the first barcode was used to pass a pack of Wrigley’s through the till in Troy, Ohio, back in 1974. Thanks to the pace of IT evolution, there are unprecedented amounts of data available to us today. But while the potential is amazing, the logistics can seem daunting.

Who can you trust to advise on what information you actually need to capture, as opposed to what data is available? You don’t want to under—or over—spec. Both can easily happen.

You need to be sure all outlay for scanning equipment pays back in measurable upsides—and that you’re as future-proof as possible.

Every logistics operation is different, requiring a bespoke approach to scanners—but there are broad principles that apply pretty much everywhere.

This scanning guide outlines the five key considerations that impact the procurement process and provides helpful tips. It covers the questions you need to ask yourself and your suppliers as you scope out the ideal scanner requirements for your workplace.

Rather than lose you in jargon and specs, much less propose an off-the-shelf solution we happen to offer, JLT wants to leave you better informed to make the right choices for your business and workforce when the time to invest in scanners comes—whoever you choose to go with.

Download the full guide below.

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