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How to Avoid the Most Common IoT Challenges

Aug. 18, 2021
What do successful, digitalized enterprises do differently from others? Explore this guide and learn how to avoid the most common IoT challenges and reach your goals.

Have you ever wondered why some companies manage to succeed in reaching their IoT goals while others don’t? To better understand what differentiates successful IoT businesses from struggling ones, Telenor conducted a study into IoT deployments and produced a new white paper based on the findings. The study revealed that only one in ten companies that launch IoT initiatives reach more than 20% of their targeted volume within the first three years. Similar figures are estimated by Gartner who shows that 75% of IoT projects will take twice as long as planned, with significant cost overruns.

For over two decades Telenor has successfully helped leading global enterprises with their connected products. During this time, we’ve witnessed IoT enable organizations, generate immense value, capture extraordinary opportunities, and realize significant efficiencies. And yet, for every success story, there are also enterprises that struggle with their connected products.

Together with our partner Triathlon Group—who has led multiple digitalization and IoT journeys for industrial manufacturers—we have consolidated our learnings and compiled a roadmap to success. The white paper consists of five essential success factors and strategic recommendations which can be used to help position enterprises optimally to avoid the biggest and most common IoT challenges.

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