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Advancing Life Science and Biomedical Manufacturing Through Linear Motion: The OEM's Guide

July 12, 2021
This report highlights how next-generation linear motion systems can be specified, designed, installed, and maintained to advance life science and biomedical research and capital equipment manufacturing.

SCHNEEBERGER Inc. explores how original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can achieve advancements in life science and biomedical manufacturing through the use of next-generation linear motion technology.

Facing ongoing competitive pressures and market growth demands, life science and biomedical OEMs must constantly deliver new advancements in technology, processes, workflows, and production. But in addition to pursuing improvements that focus on expanding success, OEMs must also ensure against the in-use failures of their advanced equipment.

In the case of advanced instruments utilized in research, scientific, medical, and other critical applications, neglecting improvements and safeguards in one seemingly minor component—in-process linear motion systems—can generate consequences ranging from inconvenient to catastrophic.

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